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Choose Your Domain Name Right

When you consider the possibility to start a website, you do this out of several reasons – for improving your already existing business, for accessorizing your new business with a website or simply for your web-hosting (2)own pleasure, to share something with the rest of the world.

However, these reasons don’t matter altogether, because the result is the same – you will be the proud owner of a website, and unless you do things right, you won’t be visible and neither will you have the number of visitors that you want.

The online space will be available and useful to you only if you choose a web hosting provider and our Australian web hosting experts say that it’s also important to go with the right domain name. As these two are interconnected, let’s see how you can choose your name so that it has the right impact.


What do you remember easier? A complicated name that it’s not interesting, or something that is unique? The truth is that many people remember the name that is most interesting and unique, and this should give you an idea about how your domain name should be. Being unique is very important on the internet, as it’s your image – the first thing that people see when they come across you.


An easy and short name will make it even better, so instead of going for a complicated domain name, go for something that people can easily remember. Try with your friends and tell them a few invented names, and you will see that everyone will remember the easiest name out of all of them.

Apart from this, make sure it’s relevant for your type of business or activity. It may be interesting, but if hosting3it’s not related to what you are doing, our Australian web hosting experts say that people won’t be able to associate your business with your web site.

The Tool

If you didn’t know, then it’s the right time to find out – the online is full of different tools that can help you generate a domain name. That’s for those people who can’t find something relevant for what they want, and these tools offer you the almost perfect advantage. You can insert key words, suffixes or prefixes, and the online tool will generate a list of possible domain names that could catch your attention.

The Keyword

It’s not a rule anymore, but it’s better to have a word that is linked to your activity in the name of your domain. You could be offering web design services, or hand-made knitting, or anything else that you might think about. The truth is that with the right keyword inserted in the name of the domain, you will help visitors determine easier exactly what it is that you are offering in your web site.

The Name

dedciated-web-hostingBefore you buy it, make sure that you like it. The specialists say that this is an essential step in choosing the name – it will be yours as long as you pay for it, but if you plan to go a long period of time, write it down and look at it repeatedly. If you like what you see and what you hear when you say it, then you’ll make a good choice. If you’re not sure, ask around your friends and family what do they think about it. It will be a good exercise for seeing their reaction.

In the end, as a free advice, it’s better to ask for professional help when you’re looking for this. Unless you have an exact preference and if you don’t know how you want your site to be named (meaning – to be very specific), then you’ll do your best if you ask a professional Australian web hosting expert to help you out on your quest.

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