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Beginning September 1st, classes will no longer require payment of North Carolina state taxes for cooking classes.  Until now, interstate commerce regulations regarding taxes has been an ongoing issue.  Since there has yet to be a finalized decision, we are able to consider classes a service item and, therefore, are not subject to state taxes moving forward.  Classes in August are listed with state tax and September classes are not.  We apologize that we cannot do anything for August.

With this new set up, when a class in booked in September and moving forward, you will have to pick a single class as a purchase item, with an associated student's name at check out.  In other words, you will no longer chose a 'quantity' of classes, you will pick a class per person you are purchasing.  The purchase will still be in the same cart and charged to the same credit card at checkout.

We are happy to be able to now do this. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Happy Cooking !