Web Hosting, Domains and Tips for Beginners ?>

Web Hosting, Domains and Tips for Beginners

Yes, you’ve thought really hard about having your own website, but unless you are a professional in this area, you’re going to need specialized help. We’ve asked our best Australian web hosting experts to give us some tips about what it means to be a beginner.10

Let’s say that you want to start your own business – apart from the fact that you’ll have to take care of all those financial details regarding your future activity, you will also have to seriously consider a website to promote your business. You might think it’s easy, but the truth is a little different.

Let’s see what you need to know when thinking about your future website, what web hosting means and what a domain is.

Web Hosting

All the websites that you browse through on the internet are available because they are supported by a certain service, called web hosting. This is the only thing that allows you to create your website and make it available to everyone else, including content, photos and videos, or anything else that you might want to have there.

The web hosting service is extremely essential, because this is what allows you to be visible in the online space, but it also lets people find you easily. There are different types of web hosting services, and you’ll just have to find the one  you’re looking for.

  • Free Web Hosting is for those who don’t want to pay money for the space that they use in the online, but they’ll receive unwanted advertisements on their website. If you choose this, you’ll get to see a banner or a pop-up window and your visitors might be annoyed with it.
  • Paid Web Hosting is for those who can afford to pay for this service, and it doesn’t come with the imposed advertisements. However, you will have here the options of choosing between different plans, according to different criteria. The space, the bandwidth and other important elements will be taken into consideration, and because of this, some of the best Australian web hosting specialists advise you to choose your package according to your needs, if you go with a paid web hosting service.
  • Reseller’s Services is a service in web hosting offered by an intermediary person between the provider of the service and the seller. Usually, if you use this kind of web hosting, you might experience that your website is down for a longer period of time, until the owner of the server fixes the problems.

The Domain Name

The domain name functions on the internet exactly like your name functions in the real world – it helps people select your business from many others, it gives uniqueness to your website and it determines how fast people can remember you.

When you choose this, make sure it has all the attributes that are needed – short and smart, easy to remember, with a big impact and relevant to your activity. It’s not necessary to insert a keyword, but if it’s possible, don’t avoid doing it. It will help people identify your type of activity or the essence of your business.

The Right Tips

There is no right or wrong way to get a web hosting service, but it’s important to determine exactly what your needs are. You should be thinking about the type of content that you want to have uploaded on the website, about the size of the photos, the design of the page, if you want to use something that is provided or something custom-made and so on.11

There are plenty of things that you have to pay attention to, but the truth is that it’s better to use specialized help. For a beginner, our Australian web hosting experts say that it’s almost impossible to take into consideration all the variations that are possible in this area. Expert help is not just recommended, but also needed, to make sure that your website can support the right amount of traffic, the right customer support, the right type of billing from your web hosting provider and so on.

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